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Travel & Tourism Sector

In the past decades, the tourism industry has been experiencing continued growth, making it one of the fastest growing business sectors in the world. … Read more


The logistics sector is one of the sectors that are most sensitively responsive to the variations of time and cost of resources. Therefore, if … Read more

Health Protection

Cooperation of medical institutions and contact center has many benefits for both patients and personnel in hospitals. In medical institutions, all processes must take … Read more

Business Services

Professional business services means maximum expert concentration and a plenty of seemingly invisible work every day. Therefore, if your team is missing even a … Read more


As long as a conversation with insurance agent is associated with a fast, timely, accurate help, this means a grown mutual trust. Therefore, appreciating … Read more


Trade success depends on a customer’s feelings: does the customer feel special, listened and heard. If you have such doubts and are in need … Read more

IT, Technologies

The added value of IT sector depends on experienced professionals, young and talented specialists. So if you think that it is time to separate … Read more



In telecommunications market, competence associates with professional customer service, speed and quality. If you noticed a need such as: increased customer service quantities when … Read more

Finance, Banking sector, Loans

While all financial institutions are performing well in analytical work, competitive advantage may emerge in a customer service area. Therefore, understanding the importance of … Read more