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Audit of sales, customer relations and customer service

Regular audits of sales, customer relations and customer service will help you to identify strengths and weaknesses your business and to stay on top! We carry out an audit in the following order: Perform … Read more

Inbound contracts

Nowadays customer experience and customer service directly affect customer satisfaction, which inevitably contributes to the growth of your company’s KPIs. Our professional team, meeting the requirements of your company, will provide the following services: … Read more

Outbound contracts

Whatever creative process sales is, companies often face professional team building and management challenges that directly affect quality and quantity of sales. Trusting professionals, you will easily reach your sales goals. Choose the following … Read more

Back office tasks

In case of increased workload of administrative tasks in the company, we will help you to carry out the work in a professional and timely manner with the following: Data entry and processing; Transcription … Read more

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